Welcome to a gameverse that is so much more than a game

Nifty Island is an open social gaming platform and virtual world being developed by Nyft Studios. It will be the centerpiece and first title in what we call the Nyftverse: a set of interoperable games, a marketplace, play-to-earn protocol, game developer tools and infrastructure —all powered by web3 to realize the dream of a truly open and player-built metaverse. We don't believe in land scarcity in a world of digital abundance. Every user is greeted with their own island, entirely free, and tasked with building their home in the metaverse. The player is able to build structures, play and create games, import their NFT collection, purchase new 3D, metaverse-ready NFTs from our marketplace, earn new items for their island by completing quests, and socialize with other players via voice and text chat.

Display, trade, and create NFTs

Nifty Island lets you display your NFT collection on your own personal island. Display your existing collection and acquire new metaverse-ready NFTs: architecture, skins, wearables, and weapons to decorate your island with. The next generation of NFTs is 3D and game-ready. We are building a platform that will give artists and collectors a new canvas to create and monetize their work.

Play games and earn crypto together

Shortly after our alpha launch, Nifty Island will support a growing library of games that players can enjoy on their islands. Think simple custom games injected with financial stakes, allowing players to compete and earn crypto in the process. Those games will grow ever more complex and intertwined with the rest of web3. Eventually Nifty Island will become a home for countless player-created games.

Discover and spend time with Web3's best communities

Every web3 community, from protocols to DAOs to NFT projects, and other web3 gaming projects can have an island. It's a place to chat, build, and play together. The best projects in Web3 are preparing to bring their communities to Nifty Island. We've designed our platform to help them tell their story, organize around their values, and deepen their connection through play.

The Path Ahead

Nifty Island is currently in closed alpha to a limited number of our early supporters. Next we'll endeavor towards open beta, opening Nifty Island up to the rest of the web3 community with continued feature development. To help guide development of Nifty Island and keep up with the latest, join our Discord.